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Faculty of Dentistry


Patient Information

In our faculty, our patients, who will first apply for examination, must come to the faculty and apply with their identity card to the patient admission bank. Application without identity card is not accepted.

Our faculty serves to all employees and retired members of SGK and the green card in the framework of the contract with the SGK services. Individuals with special insurance or patients without SGK can make treatment at our discretion for a specified fee. As a result of the inquiry made by the system, all our patients who are approved by the system can take treatment free of charge.

After registering from the patient admission bank, patients who have their first examinations in the Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology, along with their number and patient cards, are required to have radiographs in the radiology department. Our patients whose examination has been completed by the relevant physician; after the examination information is recorded on the patient's card, the patient is referred to the related clinics. Then the patient need to make an appointment at each department. The patient card given to the patient on first application must be accompanied by every appointment. These patients who don’t have this card have to repeat their first examinations.