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Faculty of Dentistry


Mission, Vision and Aims

Mission and vision of our faculty have been determined in line

with the strategic plan and quality policy of the university.

Our mission:

To train competent and entrepreneurial individuals who aims to develop oral and dental hygiene of families and communities, to have knowledge and skills in dentistry and oral and dental health services, to develop ethical values and open to innovations.

Our vision:

It focuses on the development of dentistry and oral-dental health-related professions and engages in education, practice and research activities that will contribute to the protection and promotion of oral and dental health of individuals in the community.

Our aims

Our primary goal as an educational and training institution is to provide academic and dental education and training at academic level that is beneficial to both community and dental health, following both academic and clinical innovations.

It is planned that all technological and scientific innovations in all branches of dentistry will be reached to the 700 dental colleagues registered with the Mersin Dental Chamber and the Turkish Dental Association in our region through the continuing dentistry trainings.

During the 2016-2018 academic year, there are 6 scientific researches prepared by the academic staff and approved by the Scientific Research Projects Unit. New scientific projects will be developed for the coming year and BAP and TUBITAK support will be planned.

It is aimed to start new building aiming to establish laboratories, classrooms and high-level clinics meeting all the technological requirements in accordance with international standards. The project of our new building continues which is targeted to be completed in 2019-2020 academic year.

Mersin is a port city that has a strategic pre-emptive trade route between the Middle East and Western countries. It is planned to provide oral and dental services within the scope of health tourism to foreign nationals who are connected to port trade and foreign nationals who are in our country due to the ongoing war in the Middle East region in recent years.

Within Mersin provincial and district boundaries, patients with all disabilities up to and including the age of 65 (geriatric) patients; it was forced to be referred to other cities and regions since no treatment could be provided. For the treatment of these patients in Mersin, Mersin University Faculty of Dentistry plans to establish a treatment unit with single-store sedation and general anesthesia units.