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Prosthodontics is a science of treatment that aims to make removable, fixed and implant-supported prostheses instead of loss of dental structure of natural teeth and tooth loss for various reasons, to eliminate of abnormalities and disorders of teeth, to restore with artificial materials of the tissue defects in the face after the diseases, accidents and surgeries, to reorganize occlusion, to correct and manage oral function, aesthetic and patient health. Our purpose is educating dentists who have abilities to recognize the diseases and abnormalities of teeth, mouth cavity, jaws and related tissues and can treat, take preventive dentistry measures.

Department of Prosthodontic has been serving since 2016 at Mersin University Faculty of Dentistry. In this department, there are many discipline-based such as removable and fixed prosthesis, implantology and maxillofacial prosthesis. Department of Prosthodontics is a discipline that incorporates education of the science and arts of dentistry into education and teaching. Prosthetic Dental Treatment is art and science that make artificial devices in order to restore and maintain functions such as chewing, speech and aesthetics of teeth that are missing or that have shape and form disorder. The rehabilitation of the resulting jaw and face region defects is also of interest to this department.

While fixed partial prosthesis aim to restore the form, deformities and tooth defects in the mouth aesthetically and functionally with porcelain, cast alloys, porcelain metal combinations and other aesthetic materials; removable partial prostheses provide rehabilitation of the missing teeth aesthetically and functionally by the removable apparatus. Complete dentures and implant supported fixed and removable dentures are applied with the aim of eliminating total toothlessness. At the present time, prostheses are performed by computer aided design and computer aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM).

This technique is related to the use of computers in the design and manufacture of prostheses. Images taken with the optical camera from the patient's mouth are recorded directly on the device and the most appropriate prosthesis can be designed for the patient using special software (CAD) on the computer. The restoration that has been designed is produced by scratching with a special machine from ceramic blocks and the restoration is made ready. Desired prosthesis can be produced without any problems and can be applied to patients.

Our department serves with 1 professor and 2 assistant professors. Department of Prosthodontics contributes 5 years of dental medicine education from the first year of education to the graduation via theoretical and practical applications. In our department; in addition to the undergraduate education, 3 years Prosthetic Dental Specialization Training also started with 2 research assistants who were appointed with the Specialization in Dentistry Exam that performed in 2017 autumn period.