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Faculty of Dentistry


Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric dentistry (Pedodontics) is a department that protects the primary and permanent teeth from birth to the age of 15, when all the teeth of a tooth change; and aimed to solve the problems of these teeth caused by caries, trauma, hereditary and similar factors.

In our depaertmens, these treatments are applied:

  • Protective dentistry practices (following tooth development, proper nutrition habits, detection and prevention of bad habits (finger-tongue sucking, nail-eating, using a pacifier, etc.), correct and regular toothbrushing habit, fissure sealant application),

  • Appropriate restorative and endodontic treatments are applied in hard tissue loss caused by caries-trauma.

The Department of Pediatric Dentistry maintains its academic and clinical activities with 2 Assistant Professors. Through theoretical lectures and practical applications given in the 3rd, 4th and 5th grades of the undergraduate education period of dentistry, it is aimed to educate doctors who have high informational equipments aimed at providing and maintaining oral and dental health in children with optimal treatment.

On your appointment;

  • Bring your child as not hungry

  • Consultations with specialist doctors can be made due to drug interactions and post-procedural bleeding risk, if necessary, before the procedures to be performed in our clinic regarding your current systemic diseases at your first visit.

After treatment;

  • Your child should not eat until the anesthesia is over.

  • Some treatments can numb on the lips or cheeks. Care must be taken that the child does not bite his / her face for 2 hours after the procedure.