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Faculty of Dentistry



The Department of Endodontics is responsible for the morphology, physiology and pathology of the pulp and the periapical tissues around the tooth root. Pulp tissue (vascular-nerve bundle) shows low recovery when damaged for any reason. Vessel and nerve package is completely removed with canal tools and the region is purified from various organisms and microorganisms and then filled with canal filling materials. The most common treatment in our department is root canal tratment; pulp capping and amputation (vital pulp treatments), retreatment of old and inadequate root canal treatments, treatment of traumatic tooth injuries (placement of displaced teeth, trauma splints), bleaching of colored teeth (devital bleaching), retching of teeth using solid roots canal post applications (post or post-core applications). Our department is continuing education and clinical activities with 2 Assistant Professors. Teaching and learning activities are practically and theoretically continuing in the third year in terms of starting practically and theoretically in the second semester. Clinical internship programs are applied to 4th and 5th year students.