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Faculty of Dentistry


Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology

Department of Oral and Maxilo-facial Radiology is a unit where all oral and maxillo-facial tissues and organs are examined systematically and all physiological and pathological changes of this structure are evaluated clinically and radiographically and planned for treatment. Our department continues to work in 2 different clinics; Oral Diagnosis and Radiology. In Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology, first examinations of patients who have applied to the clinic are performed with 1 unit. After the examination at the Oral Diagnosis Clinic, the Radiology Clinic examines the oral radiographs required for the diagnosis of the patient. Radiology Clinic is provided with 1 intraoral x-ray device.

In the Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology Clinic, the patients who apply to our clinic are examined for the main reasons for application, as well as the whole head and neck region and intraoral examinations. Apart from dental caries and gingival diseases in the mouth, the diagnosis of diseases of jaw bones and joints, salivary glands, tongue, oral cavity, all soft tissues seen in the mouth and lips is of interest to our department. In our clinic, the relation of oral diseases to systemic diseases is also examined and diagnosis and treatment planning of oral diseases are done. Due to certain diseases and medicines used, it may be necessary to take precautions before dental treatment. This is why the patient is informed about the medicines used and the general health of the past. In the presence of a previous history of allergies, heart, blood disorders, high blood pressure and other general health problems, the physician must be alerted to this condition. After the intraoral examination, the dental films that the physician needs are withdrawn and the information is combined with the clinical examination and the most appropriate treatment scheme is created.

Patients are informed and directed to other sections of our faculty according to their needs. It is aimed to make the society more aware of this issue by emphasizing the importance of oral and dental health and early diagnosis. Drug treatment when necessary and follow-up of a specified disease are among the services of this department. The X-ray examination supports the findings of oral examinations and sometimes provides diagnosis of diseases, cysts and tumors in the jawbone that do not give any symptoms in the mouth. Today, imaging methods such as Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Ultrasonography, as well as dental and chin radiographs are increasingly being used in dental radiology. For such radiological examinations the patient is referred to the medical radiology clinics. In addition, if necessary, the patient is sent to the relevant medical branches and the treatment is planned in accordance with the requested reports. Clinical and radiological evaluations of 40 patients per day are performed in our clinic.

Our department is conducted with 1 assistant professor and 1 radiology technician. Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology courses start with theoretical lectures in the 3rd year of the 5 year dental education period; continue with theoretical and clinical training during the 4th and 5th years. In addition, in the 5th year, the education of the students is supported by methods such as seminars, articles and case presentations.